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heya guys, i have DP 24/7, and so far no relief, but i'm optimistic that one day i hope i will be able to feel normal, even just for a day. Until then, i would love to no if any of you guys on this board suffered with DP 24/7 and have had relief or recovered, did it gradually become less and less? do you no what let it become released? I would be very grateful for any of your stories!!
Thanks again,
good luck to you all on your journey with this strange mind set

Hi, just having this discussion now..

I have DR not DP I think, because it is my surroundings that look very dream-like, I feel very detached from my environment, not myself.

anyway, yes I have this feeling 24/7, it happened suddenly, and has been here since, I remember it was a Monday afternoon about 4PM when I got really stressed about something, and bang, that was it, my head went and everything looked surreal, and has done since.

anyway have a read of that topic, should shed SOME light.
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