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24/7 DPDR

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Hi guys
Just in the mood to share my thoughts and feelings...
I've had DPDR for some time now... Had it before when I was younger and after this was able to continue with normal life.

The last 6 months have been rough.
My grandpa died, my aunt died, a family friends committed suicide and my partner of 10 years broke up with me 10 weeks ago.

Ever since my DPDR has been out of control 24/ thoughts don't feel like my own and I have a constant detachment from myself. Reality check is in tact... I can't seem to communicate but I will participate in a conversation almost automativay without even knowing how I do it.

I lost all sense of socializing.

Right now I am in the middle of getting my own place, getting all my stuff out of the home I had with my ex and trying so hard to just exist.

My mom got hospitalized during the move as she cut her finger and got a bad infection almost turning into sepsis.

I don't know what to do anymore.
Since I am expected to return to work on Monday (even just for a few hours) I just don't know how to do it.

I can't think straight can't concentrate and my memory is aweful... Can't event remember what I did yesterday without having to think really hard.

Ever since the breakup My GP has me on sleepmeds (Zopiclon) and I take some Oxazepam in the early morning hours when the Zopiclon stops working (advise of my GP)

I reached out to get therapy and my psychiatrist wants to put me on Zoloft but I am so scared of it and also making it worse.

I can't bear the thought of living in this state forever.... Pls someone help.
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I understand how you feel, I am in a similar situation my Depersonalisation is really bad and it’s always there 24/7.
my symptoms are:
No sense of self
Blank mind feeling
Out of body feeling
No emotions
Feeling like I’m in a constant dream
Vision feels a bit blurry and off

What about you, what are your symptoms?
I have had these symptoms everyday for a year non stop, eventually you will get used to it and become more comfortable. You need to remember this my friend, we can recover but the only way to recover is to lose your fear to your symptoms and focus on dealing with any stress and anxiety you have in your life and this will eventually go away because it’s a defence mechanism. It’s fuelled by stress and anxiety. If you remove the stress and anxiety it will go away.
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