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Buying Christmas presents is great as its always just a one time a year event and also lets me give back to those who have helped me through my first year of depersonalization. My dad has been the most helpful and has been with me from the start/inception of my depersonalization. My mother on the other hand could care very less about my mental health and her catch phrase to me when I mention said illness is "just snap out of it". Trust me if I could snap out of it, I would have.

On Wednesday I went along to a men's support group that my nurse signed me up to. At first I was a bit apprehensive and very reluctant to go out the house, I was completely fine with meeting people but the idea of going out of my comfort zone just scared me. I went to the support group (which was in a library) and just sat outside the room for 5 minutes, when I went in I met with the 2 people running the group (a occupational therapist and a psychologist) they seemed nice and easy to talk to and after 10 minutes all the other people in the group joined us (all 7).

We covered a range of topics and organized to cover loads more in the forthcoming weeks, we're apparently meant to tackle depression, anxiety, mental well-being and roles and actives within mental health. I ended up speaking the most within the group as I had quite a lot to say, most of the people in the group were quite introverted and shy it seems. From the first meeting I can see myself going to all the meetings and contributing as well. another good/positive factor of the meetings is that it gets me out the house one day a week for 2 hours and puts me around people I have a uniform trust with (therapists and psychologists). I guess the thought of someone from the health profession just relaxing me in case something goes wrong.

I try to blog as often as I can, it helps me put my thoughts out there and I guess I get quite happy when people read this and relate to it.

Stay Positive & remember this doesn't last forever

Vin x
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