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2 months in, major improvements but... (Weed Brownie)

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It's been two months since I ended up in the ER after eating 1 whole weed brownie. Spent a few days in the hospital mainly so they can monitor me and felt completely fine once I left. It wasn't until two days later when I experienced my first panic attack and everything was off. This was back in November. Everything was dream like. Nothing felt real. Today the dream like feeling is slowly slipping away. I'd say the dream like feeling has decrease like 80%. But over the past few months other symptoms have come.


1. afraid of everything around me (Not anymore)
2. Dream like surroundings ( slowly going away)
3. Questioning and analyzing any and everything like seriously anything. Like why we are here to what's the point of a curtain to why do we have stomachs to literally anything you can imagine I'll question( struggling with with currently, please let me know if you've been through this)
4. Suicidal thoughts, even though I don't have the audacity to even kill myself. My body is God's to take not for me to take. I'm a proud Christian by the way!
5. Deep thinking (Curerntly)
6. No motivation (Currently)
7. No emotion toaward family or girlfriend
8. Everything looks magnified especially cars( help if you've had this) currently dealing with this but it's going away slowly.
9. Fear that I'm going crazy or will be like this forever ( currently)
10. First person perspective
A few others that I can't think of but those are my main symptoms.

November was surely the worst month. December was bad but I knew what I was going through so it was manageable. This month so far has been tough because I think I'm just annoyed now with this and deep Down I know I'll be fine but I'm impatient so that doesn't help. I can talk about this all day but that won't help.

I encourage you all to pray if you are spiritual because that has helped me get through this. God doesn't want us to suffer. I know he has a plan for me and I believe this will turn me into a way better version of myself! PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS. POSITIVE FEEDBACKS ONLY.

This is just a phase. We will recover!!!! Our brains are amazing
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If things have improved this quickly for you I would be optimistic that you will recover. And perhaps consider that your DP / DR is related to anxiety and that you may not have the 'disorder' so to speak, although clearly unless you want to play with fire stay away from marijuana completely.

I too compared my DPD to 'being high' although I am not sure that is a the typical high feeling for normal people. It is a sign of the drug bringing out symptoms of DP/DR and it is important to realise that.
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As in things seeming to move a lot faster? I struggle with this socially it seems as though thoughts and sounds are going a million miles an hour and I cant keep up with all my senses at once. Hard to describe it as with everything to do with DPD.
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