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Hey guys, still have that drunk feeling/distorted feeling that comes with DP. I was reading a few posts and it got me wondering... Is 24/7 DP actually a thing? Or is it a lasting effect from obsessing over it? I want to say that I feel it all the time, but frankly that's not true. Whenever I am distracted (TV, Video Games, Schoolwork, etc...) I don't think about it, and it seems to go away. But when I step into the real world again, nothing feels... real! Quite ironic I think... Going to readjust my medicine soon. Maybe I'll see some improvement. I do believe I have the reached the "hangover stage" of DP, when you still feel it and it still bothers you, but you are able to get out of it through certain things. There are some instantaneous moments I have when I do not feel it at all, which I did not experience in the past. Maybe this is a sign? I'll keep going strong...

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Jun 09 2018 07:19 AM

I think yes take it as a good sign. I understand what you mean, I was at that stage once, and it gets better so right now for me, I only actually feel dp when I think about it which is strange.. the less you think about the less it's there.
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