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Hello all,
I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this support site/group. I've experienced and lived with DP for 37 yrs and until recently I thought I was the "only" person on earth that felt like this. I have a lot to share but just wanted to introduce myself as I have never shared my thoughts and experiences with any other person before. I'm happy to know this is a "real" forum with others real experiences!!

Take care
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I lived like that for decades following a trauma as a teen. I didn't realize it had been an epileptic event. So, I had

frequent focal temporal lobe seizures which I would come to believe were anxiety attacks, or panic syndrome.

If you have ever had a severe panic attack out of the blue, it is very unsettling and you are concerned about

unannounced future attacks. The same is true for focal temporal lobe seizures. I wouldn't lose consciousnesses

rather, I would lose my mental integration and become very frightened It took me 40 years to diagnose myself,

then have my diagnosis confirmed by an eptileptologist who specialized in rare epileptic disorders., My EEGs

were abnormal consistent with someone who has a history of epileptic seizures. So, If I were you I would

probably ask for an EEG just to see if there isn't an underlying neurological issue behind your symptoms.
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