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So I joined this site today, actually makes me feel a little relieved that im not in a small group of people who has this or im going mad.

Woke up late as always today, need to go to sleep at least before midnight. I don't know why it is, but sometimes I function better at night then the day (may have something to do with the lights)

Rolled out of bed and to my enjoyment, my c*** of a brother is off work for a week (read with sarcasm). got dressed and went to my grandmothers for lunch with my dad, I have had a bad habit recently of not going out so I need to push myself. I then pretty much went to the doctors to order my medicine, which is 30 mg of "thisdoesntwork"....or as my doctors call it Mirtazapine. It feels like I've been on every anti psychotic/depressant in the world, but in reality I've probably been on 5. Im not looking for a quick fix or a quick cure, all I want is to see some difference at least for a medicine I've been taking for over two months.

I kind of love/hate the fact im not working. I love the fact that I cut out that stress and anxiety that was present at my place of work, but then again I hate the fact I cant interact with people on that level again and also the fact I've got next to no money.

My DP/DR has been a bit of a rollercoaster today but it hasn't been that bad compared with how things have been for the last 3 weeks. I keep feeling I need to remind myself where I am or who im with.

May try to get in contact with DRU at King's College London tomorrow after reading about it in another blog (sorry I haven't put the name, I cant remember)

Goodnight Folks!

Vin x
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