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100% unreal

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Im in the deepest DP/DR attack yet. I was ok for a few days after i took one Valium. But i have been home bound due to a back injury and sitting im my room. Im freaking out so badly i dont know what to do. Im in crushing pain. I take vicodin for the pain but i feel it makes the depression and DP worse..

What can i do.
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Do you play video games?

I'm a nerd all I have really been doing lately is been playing video games. If you have a pasion for something like that or you can develop one it is a great mind distractor. Hell sometimes I loose myself in the games. I thank god for them.

But it is very hard being home bound for a pro longed period of time. I was in a car accident and basically have been at home this whole month except when my friends come home from college on the weekends and take me out. It can get frustrating. All I can say is find something fun. and this probably isnt the response your looking for but get some cool videogames or movies.

Movies are good to watch and chill on the couch and sleep. If you are like kinda just lying down trying to sleep with a movie on you can watch it and if you feel odd just rest your eyes it kinda makes your dp/dr diminish as it is more like you being tired, that didnt make much sense but.
damn that is a cool collection of pictures thats good for distracting. I know taking pictures I enjoy doing too, i mean espcially if you see something that really inspires you or gets you in a good mood.
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