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Hi my name is Keith and I currently have depersonalization disorder again . It started from smoking weed about 3 weeks ago. I felt it coming but I knew to relax in this situation, I didn't worry or anything. The stupid person that I am I decided to try molly over a friends house and went overboard with it. About a few hours later im in the emergency room cause I started shaking violently. The next morning it felt like I was in another dimension, it was hell all over again. I kept thinking about taking my life. But then I started thinking about my son and how I didn't wanna leave him behind. As depressed that I am, I'm going to fight this. It gets very hard some time questioning reality. Never again will I do drugs, just isn't worth it. I also had a question about cbd oil. People keep saying it helps, but I don't want it to get worse by taking this. U all have a blessed day
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