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(i meant to post this earlier, on jan 20)

so according to my calculations
[my box has 4 pills left of 28, the first 14 days i took half, so 7 pills, and the rest 24-7=17 pills/days , so 17+14=31]
i have been taking citalopram for 31 days, but i think i'll wait the other 14 so that its 31 days of taking 20mg.

so far, i think the side effects are gone...
but my dpdr is still a little strong, so we could say i still have that side effect where the dp gets stronger.

and i guess that's it.

(i also have to phone the medical center tomorrow to see if they have received their citalopram, or i'll have to go to the pharmacy and buy some more, which i dont wanna do, the government has to give me my pills lol).
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