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  1. Depersonalization & Media
    I have had DP/DR for 12 years and have found ways to recover and thrive again. I will be doing a video series on youtube discussing, first what dp/dr is, the symptoms that it causes mentally and physically, what makes dp/dr worst, the best diets to be on, the best routine to have in life, and...
  2. Art & Entertainment
    Hey all, so unfortunately some of us have been hit with arguably the worst symptom that I couldn't even imagine.. Yeah, a "Blank Mind" - For me it's like being zoned out constantly & I find doing basically everything such a "Manual" objective.. it sucks, nothing computes to me no matter how...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I've done a few posts on here. Just letting you all know i've made a YouTube vid on my experience. I hope it helps a little. I will make a follow up video and go a bit more into detail: Depersonalization & Derealization Advice Cheers Kat
1-3 of 3 Results