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  1. Discussion
    Hey guys! I've been dealing with this disorder (not sure if its this or just a side effect of the overall condition I have, but it certainly started with intense DP/DR, now just DP) for about a year now. I'd say I've gotten good at regaining my life and I can feel my brain slowly but surely...
  2. Recovery Stories
    Does anyone have any tips on regaining focus and concentration? I am a long way into my recovery, but there is still an emotional numbness and there are times when I am able to focus and get things done but that seems to come and go. What has helped you gain more focus back in your life? Thanks!
  3. Open Forum
    How do you personally enjoy and use creativity or day dreaming in your life? Are you both creatively satisfied and enjoying a responsible and practical life? Why or why not? I love to day dream. I think it allows me to view reality from a different perspective. It's a fun way to problem solve...
  4. The Daily Forum
    At work, it's all a dream. And it's the same with school. I naturally fake my emotions because my body still knows how I should react. But the emotional part of my brain isn't triggered. I laugh, I smile, I frown, and I scowl. But I don't feel anything. I see, but I don't see. I feel, but I...
  5. Discussion
    Trigger warning, I guess? Maybe? If you're feeling really unreal/anxious, don't read this, it may make you feel worse (probably). Okay, now that I have given sufficient warning, I'd like to ask you guys about how you deal with doubt. I always say to myself when I'm feeling really panicky or...
1-5 of 5 Results