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    Hi I've no idea what is going on I do not feel human at all. I'm not a part of the world or life around me. I am locked away in a dark box in another realm... I can see and hear but don't understand how as I can't sense my body at all, like how can I see with no eyes. My time perception is...
  2. Discussion
    Hi everybody I am really struggling at the moment and could do with some sound advice. I am now finding it OK to deal with the daytime odd feelings of DPD. Its very hard but I am doing OK. Unfortunately, at night I am having the worst time ever. If you can help with any of these symptoms or...
  3. Discussion
    I've had this for two and a half weeks and new here and very scared!! Does anyone else feel like confused all the time like they seriously don't know who they are, and who the people around them are? And feel like when u think of the person u was before before this happened that u don't know who...
1-3 of 4 Results