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  1. Discussion
    so ever since i was young i remember my mom telling the story of how my babsitter "dropped" me and abused me as a kid. they told her to leave or they would sue her. but my parents dont think much of it. but now that I'm thinking maybe my unhappiness and general just problems are linked to that...
  2. Discussion
    so i want to start by saying that when i was younger i would be sitting on my bed staring at my hands, not completely focused on my hands but very internalized, i would say to myself in my mind wow im a creature that is self aware, how come i wasnt born a stupid lizard, or born a tree that stays...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Im really scared of life. That might sound weird but i question everything and find it so strange. Sometimes im sat in school and find myself not focusing and thinking of other things almost as if im not bothered coming back into reality. The world is scary and i don't know why :(
  4. Discussion
    Hi. What I get a lot which is really weird is that ill be staring into space, or sometimes just concerntrating on something ac all of a sudden had a feeling like Ive just woken up and taken my surroundings in. I've had it a lot in class is school it's quite scary. The best way I can describe it...
1-4 of 4 Results