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    Hey, I am new to the forum, and I guess I should give a little background before I start. Unfortunately, depersonalization is not something I am also new to. I have struggled with depersonalization (and derealization) for over four years now. I should also note beforehand that I have always...
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    I'm writing this right now because I'm afraid that this DP feeling won't stop...I have feared the worst that I am going into a schizophrenic mind I still have my insight but I'm struggling to keep it or at least I feel like I am struggling...the problem is that I was feeling so much...
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    Disclaimer: this is from months back when I had no sure fire idea of what DP was so ego death is in place of DP also High Existence is a great site for pretty much all topics I just hope this post may help others who stumble upon it that the vivid dreams and nightmares are normal this is a...
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    I never used to get DP or DR much when I woke up. It was always at night. Now that I'm having to follow a strict sleeping routine, I'm getting it at night from overwhelming tiredness and in the morning from vivid dreams. I wake up and I can't fully separate myself from the dream. It's unnerving...
1-4 of 4 Results