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  1. Treatment Options
    Hey guys! I haven't posted anything on here in a while, but today was an unusual day for my DP and I'm posting this in hopes that it might help someone on their road to recovery. I have steadily been increasing Zoloft up to 150mg, and have been on this dosage for a few months now. The DP had not...
  2. Discussion
    a good way to ground myself is to type out whats on my mind. so i am currently sitting at a desk looking out a window at the sea. sounds cheesy but its whats going on. i have a horrible trouble with vision, because processing things can be really daunting, almost as if looking at the world is...
  3. Discussion
    so i am currently forcing this out. i feel i am at a standstill with dp and depression, i dont always feel bad, but its SO hard to say i feel good. the only thing i can say is sometimes i laugh really hard at things, and thats "good" its really hard for me to get how i feel out because i have...
1-3 of 3 Results