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  1. Discussion
    everyone's talking about 'bandersnatch' (and in my opinion is a bit overrated lol) but i did notice it has dpdr vibes, what do you think? do you know of any other movies with dpdr-ish things in them?
  2. The Daily Forum
    Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like if I am on my phone/computer/watch tv for too long it makes everything worse. I have tried to pull away, but it helps distract me a lot from DP/DR and so I get sucked back in. Thinking of cancelling my cable. But even going outside simply for a walk...
  3. Discussion
    So, I see a lot of post that tell us to stay away from things like the new, depressing TV shows, horror movies, etc. I find this very difficult because I love things like that. I love watching the Walking Dead and the news, I like reading about serial killers. None of these things give me...
1-3 of 3 Results