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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone! Okay... so about 2 months ago I smoked weed ( I have smoked maybe 6 times before) after that I felt dizzy and slightly derealized, but after 3 days I suddenly had a panik attake, after that I had DR, it got better (almost cured) but then I started thinking what if it is sth...
  2. Discussion
    Hello everyone, after 15 months of constant DPDR (which was triggered by smoking weed_ definitely not for the first time), I smoked weed again (after 15 months of sobriety). Here is the whole thing: I took a trip to the north part of my country with my old friend(cousin) and stayed at the...
  3. Discussion
    Did anyone here lose a twin while still in the womb?
  4. Discussion
    Hello everybody, I think this is very interesting. In what kind of situation were you when your DP/DR disorder started? What situation triggered all this? Doctors say that triggers and causes are not the same. For example your DP/DR can be triggered by smoking weed, but be caused by anxiety...
  5. Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have noticed that when I work out really hard, I end up moderately depersonalized. It happens most notably when I play basketball or go on runs... so my guess is that my body thinks responds to my exercise-induced elevated heart rate as if it were anxiety-induced and makes me...
1-5 of 5 Results