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  1. Discussion
    Hi Again All, I know a lot of people have described their perception of time moving really slow but, does anyone perceive time as going really fast? For instance, I will watch a 20 minute YouTube video and it feels like 5 minutes. Has anyone found a fix for this? Thanks, Zach
  2. Discussion
    Hey Guys, So i've had DP/DR for 6 months now due to a vestibular disorder. As of late, I've really started noticing my sense of time is very problematic. When I do things, I logically know how long it's taken me, but it never FEELS like that amount of time, and usually I feel like I could have...
  3. Research
    A disembodied man: A case of somatopsychic depersonalization in schizotypal disorder Yuliya Zaytseva, Caroline Szymanski, Evgeny Gutyrchik, Ekaterina Pechenkova, Rosa Vlasova and Marc Wittmann Article first published online: 16 NOV 2015 / DOI: 10.1002/pchj.115 ABSTRACT In the general concept...
1-3 of 3 Results