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    I cannot get over this floating eyes/first person pov symptom. It’s been happening for a few months now. Any ideas on how to cope or overcome it?
  2. Discussion
    This is probably going to be long and very rambling, but please bear with me. Some of this is copied from a post on reddit by what feels like the only other person out there experiencing what I'm experiencing. They stopped posting a while ago though, which feels foreboding. Starting about two...
  3. Discussion
    Hello I just found this discussion forum on the net and I will really appreciate your help, maybe someone has similar issues like me. My first episode started 8 years ago with panic and anxiety and I always threat it with a therapist and a psychiatrist. When the panic disorder goes away 2 years...
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    you need to face all your fears and anxiety head on. seriously, i have recovered from DP/DR... but <---- that is a big but ( )0( ) you can really see that DP/DR is a defence mechanism when you don't have it, things can seem out of control, more worrying thoughts, real stress, not...
1-4 of 4 Results