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  1. Depersonalization & Media
    I have had DP/DR for 12 years and have found ways to recover and thrive again. I will be doing a video series on youtube discussing, first what dp/dr is, the symptoms that it causes mentally and physically, what makes dp/dr worst, the best diets to be on, the best routine to have in life, and...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    THIS MIGHT BE A TRIGGER FOR SOME PEOPLE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! Hello, My name is William Hadley and I am honestly just looking for help. Ive been looking on the forum for some time now, browsing other threads, searching for help through others questions, hoping that ill stumble...
  3. Discussion
    Im suffering from insomnia and it worsens and exacerbates my dpdr x1000. Does anyone else on here have the same issue? Is there any medications or strategies that help? It would mean a lot just seeing some responses. .
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I just want to start by saying i have never suffered with DP/DR ever until a few months back. It all started when i thought it was cool to try smoking weed which was a very bad idea as i went on a very bad trip and had a severe panick attack! Ever since that day nothing has been right, I...
  5. The Daily Forum
    I wrote this one page paper outlining how i feel every day with depersonalization, enjoy. Love your feedback. A Day in the Mind of a Depersonalization Sufferer: Imagine you are physically doing something and at that same time you are thinking about something too, but that thought then turns...
1-5 of 5 Results