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  1. Discussion
    As rough and exhausting weeks of therapy are about to end for me, I'm scared of what's coming next. A huge problem which makes my dpdr worse and got me into a deep depression is that I seem to be somewhat unable to retain new information which is needed for me to function. For example; I wasn't...
  2. Discussion
    Does anybody have advice for staying concentrated during school as well as memorizing concepts. These are two things I have a very hard time with due to my depersonalization, and I think it is starting to impact my grades... any advice would be great!
  3. The Daily Forum
    Hi guys! I'm new to DP/DR, I've only had it for about a month but the amount of comfort I find in reading all of your stories and posts has helped me know I'm not alone. However, I'm really worried for my upcoming move to the UK - currently I live in Malaysia with my parents and I've gotten...
1-3 of 3 Results