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    There is an acronym on what to do if you feel you are having a stroke. If it was such a great acronym, I might even remember it. I don't. So I visited a web page that listed the first 3 things you should do if you believe you are having a stroke, and the first 3 things you should not do...
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    Hi everybody i hit the very top of my head 3 years ago after that dp dr started but last year swallowing and breath problems started amd this year now oral phase swallowing problem aroused ...cant sometimes control my mouth pharenx .. Is there anyone who live this kind of thing too
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    For the past 7 years I was suffering and diagnosed with depersonalization and derealization but I think I never suffered from it or don't have it anymore. In the past I would tell the doctors I felt like I was in dream and life didn't seem real to me but these weren't thoughts one day I came up...
1-3 of 3 Results