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  1. Discussion
    For over a year I have been suffering symptoms of this soul destroying, life sucking, B*****d of a disorder/whatever it is. For a while I was panicking a lot, then I felt so much self pity, then I felt empty for months and now I'm just gonna sort it before I drive myself crazy. Firstly, I'm...
  2. The Daily Forum
    So I think I know what is wrong with me personally... I started working through the most traumatic event in my life (death of mother and finding her) This is the game plan in therapy: Talk about the experience and process the emotions and come to put it to rest. I started today and I was able...
  3. Discussion
    I am the first one who never believed in psychological therapies and I will always be sceptical about most of them, BUT DP/DR IS EXCEPTION. The Holy Grail Of Curing DP/DR really literally solves beats DP/DR completely, yes, to a point where you literally can't even remember what DP/DR...
1-3 of 3 Results