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  1. Discussion
    Hello everyone, after 15 months of constant DPDR (which was triggered by smoking weed_ definitely not for the first time), I smoked weed again (after 15 months of sobriety). Here is the whole thing: I took a trip to the north part of my country with my old friend(cousin) and stayed at the...
  2. Discussion
    So im 15 and used to smoke a lot of weed before getting derealization i probably got it from childhood drama and parents fighting all the time...but i was wondering once im an adult lets say 18 would i be able to enjoy cannabis with now risk? My DP has lasted for about 4 months but is fading...
  3. Recovery Stories
    hey guys.. not posted for a good while, I got a sudden and relentless episode of DP in September last year, i had been smoking weed heavily for a year every day and could have never predicted such a strange thing to have happened to me, i had felt just fine in the months previous, nothing major...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hey there Dpselfhelp! This is my first post, and I'm glad that I can finally share my feelings with people that get me, and been through the same if not worse than what I am experiencing. Around 5 months ago, I realized that what I am experiencing is dp/dr, and had most likely gotten this...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    I will never ever forgive myself for smoking that weed because if it wasn't for my idiotic decision i would not be in this situation right now. A few months ago i thought it would be cool to smoke weed so i got a gram of my friend and smoked it all to myself. I was fine until about half an hour...
  6. Discussion
    Ive read many posts on here about people who got Dp'd because of Marijuana but my first experience was from a panic attack i had while smoking synthetic weed. Anyone else experienced this?
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Ok so I am 18 years old now an I don't remember exactly when I got this disorder as I'm sure a lot of u can relate lol but I think I i got it about 2 years ago. I got it from smoking I think though and I have a few things that I went through when I was younger but I feel completely lost I feel...
1-7 of 7 Results