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  1. Research I started this webstore to be able to provide high quality CBD oil to people in need of these products. Using CBD oil has helped control my anxiety and DP/DR issues dramatically. I will be making a separate post going into details about my experience with CBD oil...
  2. Goals - Weekly Goal Reward System
    This is kind of a last minute goal, but since there is a lack of local support groups for anxiety/dp/dr/depression issues, I have wanted to start one. I was able to create a group on and tonight is the first actual 'meetup'. Looks like there are 6 people that have rsvp'd. I am nervous...
  3. Goals - Weekly Goal Reward System
    There are 2 groups, local to my area, that have group therapy meetings for people with anxiety and emotional disorders. There are generally once a week on Tuesdays and I have been trying to get to one for almost 2 months now. I always seem to have some reason not to go, sometimes even at the...
1-3 of 8 Results