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  1. Discussion
    Anyone wanna chat??
  2. Managing DPD
    Has anyone experiences a huge drop in libido since their DPDR began? I think for the last 2 years I've been experiencing it my sex drive became essentially non existent, I barely even think about it. It's a strain on my relationship. Anyone experience this, and what helps?? Thanks, -B
  3. Discussion
    I don't get any enjoyment out of music, sex, hobbies, work. I guess that's because I don't feel anything is real. Am I the only one?
  4. Discussion
    Hi I'm a 20 year old gay male who first experienced DP/DR from a sexual dream that triggered PTSD when I was 15. I wanted to know if any other people on here have ever had a fear of sex and if and how they got over it. I have never had body image issues, and despite having a fear of sex that I...
  5. Discussion
    (This a literal excerpt from my diary that turned into a letter to members here on this Depersonalization Community that adresses events that occured around this time of last year.) "Just like I need to forgive Shelby and Callie and myself. Forgive myself... that's exactly it. Forgive myself...
  6. Discussion
    For the last 2 years of having DP/DR, I have been scared to Fall in Love and lose my virginity because I didn't want to regret my first time because I couldnt feel all the way there and with little emotion. Is there anybody else like this, or someone who has advice to offer? Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results