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  1. Discussion
    I have noticed that when I am walking through the halls of my school and there is a large traffic jam of students I freak out. I feel as if I am just a floating entity somehow perceiving the crowd in front of me, as if I am not even there or if I was a ghost spectating those around me. I start...
  2. Discussion
    Hi, has anyone here had this experience and recovered from it?
  3. Discussion
    Hi everyone, two months ago I experienced a very traumatic night which lead to a completely dissolution of my ego. It seems as if it's just completely inaccessible. I have no inner monologue, sense of self, connection to my emotional attachments, motivation, sense of time, ability to get...
  4. Discussion
    Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody else on here has experienced this, or if this is just part of my personality, and not related to dp/dr. I've noticed that I don't really laugh at most things that people find funny. I hardly ever laugh at jokes, no matter how good they are, and tv shows and...
1-5 of 5 Results