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  1. Discussion
    Hello, Recently I've been struggling with questions about free will. Someone started talking about how we don't actually have free will etc which made me anxious and then I looked up a bunch of theories about it which I KNOW I shouldn't have done, but did anyway. I started freaking out about...
  2. Research
    The brain on LSD revealed: first scans show how the drug affects the brain by Kate Wighton 11 April 2016 The areas that contributed to vision were more active under LSD (right), which was linked...
  3. The Daily Forum
    Hi everybody! I've gone through 2+ years of DR nightmare and mostly recovered from it and felt pretty normal during the last year, however, some symptoms of DP started to appear and recently they have become worse. First one as mentioned in the topic was weird sense of self - I started to have...
  4. Mental & Physical Health
    NO WE DO NOT HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA -- Mentally Healthy Individuals are made to feel this sensation of the presense of another. It does not linger. A symptom in schizophrenia and in extreme solitary situations. This is quite an astonishing development. This perceptual distortion was first...
1-4 of 4 Results