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  1. Treatment Options
    Hello, my name is Sawyer. I acquired DP/DR over a year ago as a result of marijuana use. As of August of this year, I consider myself to have recovered from what we collectively call depersonalization/derealization disorder. That being said, I still have residual brain fog, depression, and feel...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello guys (and girls) Ive just been diagnosed as DP today after having a year of different docs telling me I had oneiroid syndrome / prodromal psychosis etc..(even on one occasion being asked by a doctor what depersonalization was), So I thought I'd come and discuss it Always eager to answer...
  3. Recovery Stories
    I know there are many posts on supplements already but I'm tried of digging. What supplements have been helpful for you guys? Also I started taking b-complex a few days ago and It seemed to make me feel worse has anyone else also experienced this? I am currently on omega 3 1000mg 3xday...
1-3 of 3 Results