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  1. The Daily Forum
    Hey, Can someone help me address this problem or even relate for me because I don't know what's going on, basically for the past week I've been experiencing powerful, and I mean powerful thoughts that are becoming way worst and are pushing me back from recovery. These thoughts are tormenting...
  2. The Daily Forum
    I've have this condition coming up to over 2 years and I tried to recover in 2013 which was amazing because I was nearly recovered, I was loving life and all the feelings of connection came to me throughout each day and that kept me pushing for a full recovery, but I stopped doing what I did to...
  3. Discussion
    Hey there guys, Marijuana caused it. (supposedly good stuff, but not laced FOR SURE !) and life has not been the same for me from that day onwards. only problem is i don't know whether this is DP/DR ? or HPPD ? or Migraine ? or Anxiety ? or God Knows I've Lost it. if u guys can diagnose what...
1-3 of 3 Results