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  1. Discussion
    Has anyone had success getting their inner monologue back? I hate focusing on this symptom but it is really affecting me. thankss for answering.
  2. Depersonalization & Media
    I just started to read this book and I can already identify with a lot of what I am reading. DPD has been associated with emotional abuse/neglect (go to and search for "depersonalization and emotional abuse"). I was shocked with some of the stories I am reading...about a patient with...
  3. Discussion
    I've had dp for the past 3 years (started sophomore year in college and I just graduated). I have no idea how I managed to graduate, let alone read enough of my assigned texts to pass my classes. Imagine taking "Philosophy of Language and Mind" at Columbia just when your symptoms are most...
  4. Discussion
    Does anyone know if reading is a good cure for brain fog? Not just reading, but Brain exercises, Meditation and mindfulness, things of that nature?
  5. Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a weird question, not sure if anyone could relate? I used to have a great ability to sense how other people were feeling. Once I had been around them a couple times I felt as if I could read them like a book. It really helped me with work as I delt with many people on a daily...
  6. Discussion
    So, I see a lot of post that tell us to stay away from things like the new, depressing TV shows, horror movies, etc. I find this very difficult because I love things like that. I love watching the Walking Dead and the news, I like reading about serial killers. None of these things give me...
1-6 of 6 Results