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  1. The Daily Forum
    Today I feel upset, upset at this site and the people on it. I read through so many different posts, threads, and comments, all indicating that they KNOW the cause and cure for Depersonalization. These FACTS are handed out like candy to everyone who is scared, nervous, and in a state of...
  2. The Daily Forum
    Today I feel completely exhausted. I usually feel 24/7 fatigue but today I am almost completely destroyed from this horrible condition. I am so tired of struggling. I am so tired of "getting through" the day. I am so tired of having to apologize to friends and family, over and over, for my...
  3. Discussion
    Recovery seems impossible. I don't think about it because my standards have lowered to the point where I'll just be content to be able to function 40% of what a normal being functions at. I've lost sight of what matters, I've become apathetic to every situation that exists or ones that could...
1-3 of 3 Results