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  1. Treatment Options
    I am starting Pristiq next week. I have tried searching the forums for "Pristiq" and can't find anything detailed. Just the keyword bring mentioned.. Has anyone taken this? Has it worked? Failed? Made DPDR worse? Any side effects? Any withdrawals? Please tell me your experiences, big or small...
  2. Treatment Options
    I doubt anyone keeps up with me or my story. But regardless. Diagnosed in 12/2014. Crippled me for several months. Was on here every day. Solipsism, nihilism, feeling like I'm "In The Matrix", feeling like the "Truman Show"..... Cant remember the majority of my life, mainly my childhood. People...
  3. Discussion
    I suspect serotonin has a part in dp. I noticed every serotonin drug/supp I've ever taken makes me dissociate as HELL. The higher the dose, the much worse it gets.They all numb me so no surprise. Is there anything lowers this neurotransmitter? p.s I decided to quit pristiq after being on it for...
1-3 of 3 Results