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  1. Treatment Options
    Hey guys, A while ago Ive expressed how Zolpidem, or Zolpidem Zartrate also known as Ambien, completely cures my Dp/Dr. Although it gained a lot of views, I have not gotten one response. I truly feel as if this is the answer we all have been looking for. The freedom last for roughly an hour...
  2. Treatment Options
    I have been dealing with chronic DP/DR for many years now, but have always been told by mental health professionals not familiar with this disorder that it was "depression" and/or "anxiety". I am only now coming to understand that whatever depression and anxiety I experience is secondary to the...
  3. Treatment Options
    Good Day Everyone, I know this topic has been discussed at length, but I always like to hear updates, ideas, and new experiences. For those of you who take medications or supplements, prescription or otherwise, Which of these have you had success with? Have they worked for DPDR or Depression...
1-3 of 4 Results