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  1. Member Polls
    How often do you masturbate?How often do you masturbate? (On average)Once a year00.00%Once a month14.17%Every week416.67%Several times a week833.33%Every day937.50%Serveral times per day00.00%Other or Never28.33%
  2. Member Polls
    Do you allow yourself to be 'weak'? to break down?Do you have/feel an aversion to vulnerability?(feeling , being,or acting in a vulnerable way, ex: crying in front of others, explaining to someone how much they mean to you,being honest in therapy not defensive or suspicious or...
  3. Member Polls
    Hi guys, Sometimes it seems like nothing new is going on in terms of DPD research. But believe me, there is. You can help one researcher by filling out the quick anonymous survey found at the link shown here. The only problem at the moment is time. So if you can give it a shot as soon as...
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    The Self-Image PollHow do you feel about the way you look? (You may choose multiple answers)I like and am completely comfortable with the way I look23.85%I don't like the way I look at all59.62%I hate looking in the mirror35.77%I could be a little more comfortable with how I look1325.00%I love...
1-5 of 5 Results