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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Feeling good makes me feel bad Because I may no longer deny that something is wrong I cannot ignore my wounded mind Blurry emotions These thoughts don't belong to me It's heavy to take another step This weighted air makes me suffocate I breathe it in I step forward Without knowing where...
  2. Art & Entertainment
    Warning; very long and super gloomy. A burning in the heart, a tearing of the mind. Where to start, when one's so confined? Merely existing; a burden to bear. Severely twisting; a hurdle I swear. Exhausting, this plain of vegetation. Thus costing one more than observation. Mingled and sly is...
  3. Art & Entertainment
    The place I close my eyes, I close my eyes and I find myself in a mad mad place. I close my eyes and the pain remains, you can open your eyes but the place remains. I close my eyes and I find myself in a place that shouldn't be a place. You can open, flash, your awe struck eyes, but still the...
1-3 of 4 Results