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    note - reactions (i.e. pros and cons) to said Perspectives change per personality. These are simply my (personality) reactions to said perspectives. In addition, these opinions are my own and generalized. Perspective #1: stay positive, everything will be alright. Just keep moving forward, no...
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    I don't understand when people say DP/DR goes away? Maybe I'm just an unfortunate case but it's not completely gone for me. I've had DP/DR since May 2015 and whilst I am SO much better than I was I still don't feel like it is gone. I know there are cases where it has taken years for people but...
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    My symptoms are not constant, but they are frequent. Something always seems to be shifting, changing. I get the sense that body parts (particularly my arms and hands) are not mine -- they feel different, weightless, insubstantial -- I get feelings like my body has no substance or is dissolving...
1-3 of 3 Results