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  1. Discussion
    Hi, I'm Gilles, 26 y.o. (today is my birthday), coming from Switzerland, so sorry for the english mistake :) I have been suffering from the following symptoms since June 2015, and I'd like to know whether this sounds familiar to you. It started after 1 month of insomnia and 2 nights of violent...
  2. Treatment Options
    I have been on low dose of paxil for a while now (taking 5 & 10 mgs) Tho it has been taking anxiety away, I think depression symptoms have been lots worse. I dont feel worse maybe emotionally (just numb) but more it has affected on my memory, motivation, Im even more stupid than usually and im...
  3. Treatment Options
    I started paxil yesterday, my psych wanted me to start with only 5 mgs because of the bad reaction to lexapro that started my dp/dz hell. (if it is that, not schizo :P ) Yesterday was ok, I already thought that thank god no remarkable side effects. Today when I took it I was ok for a while...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I really need to know something, I have always had slight anxiety for certain things but no more than anyone else would ya know, like starting a new school and stuff like that, but nothing major. but last summer my mom, stepdad, siblings, and I went on vacation to visit my family like we...
1-4 of 4 Results