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  1. Discussion
    Hi, I know I have been very analytical for all my life, sometimes anxious and checking myself, or sometimes just curious, having an interest for explaining things in detail or researching in detail, this kind of thing. So it's sometimes something that feeds anxiety (at least it used to be, I...
  2. Discussion
    Hello, i want to share my experience that i never had before, so firstly i got dp from drug use (i think), im 18, i do vape 40 mg nicotine everday, cause it reduces my anxiety, i sleep for 2-5 hours every workday, cause of using the computer so much, so here the story starts, when i go outside...
  3. Mental & Physical Health
    Your psychological wellness arrives in a desperate predicament when you're overthinking. All the cynicism ropes in misery, de-inspiration, cleave your confidence, and drives you into despair. Steady practice of frustrating considerations makes them all the more impressive. Eventually, your...
1-3 of 3 Results