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  1. Discussion
    So I have EXTREME generalized anxiety. It keeps me from sleeping, eating, and functioning. I'm currently on Celexa (10mg) and thinking about increasing that to 20mg, but I was considering using CBD oil to help reduce the anxiety. Have any of you tried it? dosages? sublingual, vapor, or...
  2. Treatment Options
    Hey folks, I haven't logged in or posted on here for a while. I just wanted to sing the praises of CBD oil... This legal substance (in the U.K. at least) is one of the non psychoactive components of marijuana (meaning it doesn't get you high). It's very effective against anxiety, kind of how...
  3. Discussion
    So, about a year ago, I discovered that a low-fat, vegan diet was able to eliminate much of my dissociative symptoms, although it was definitely not a cure. It's been months since I last consumed oil-containing food, and during this time I felt much better than before and wanted to believe that...
1-3 of 3 Results