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  1. Discussion
    Dear all. As stated i'm 75% better now after suffering for 3 months due to DMSA heavy metal chelation (stay away from it) and magic mushrooms intoxication, although DP has lingered for almost 20 years. What has helped? Taurine (2x 3mg daily), iodine from kelp (150-300mg), liposomal zinc and...
  2. Treatment Options
    Hello everybody, I'm thinking of trying Tianeptine, since a few people report that it helped them and it seems to have no serious side effects at all. Tianeptine seems to be an NMDA-modulator, but I'm not so sure what that actually means, and even after reading some studies, I still don't know...
  3. Treatment Options
    Hi Guys, Favour required from all of you please. I would like to make a list of all-glutamate modulating drugs so I can mention them to my doctor if need be: I know of: Lamotrigine Tianepetine Keppra (Levitaracetam) anymore? much appreciated x
1-3 of 3 Results