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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello. I’m new here. I suffer from 24/7 severe depersonalization from many years of trauma and most recently watching my husband pass away. Smoking weed to deal with the trauma didn’t help I’m sure. I’m trying emdr and neurofeedback. If it helped you, how many sessions til you felt a...
  2. Discussion
    I have been suffering from the disorder for the past 15 years and am currently considering either TMS or neurofeedback, both treatments requiring a minimum of two-three months and coming with a heavy price tag. In case one fails, I may experiment with the other later on, but I would like my...
  3. Treatment Options
    Hey guys, First post here after reading for a while. Thanks to everyone for the new ideas and information, and continued support of eachother. I though I'd share my experience with Neurofeedback in case it can help someone here. Background: My DP was sudden onset and not directly drug induced...
  4. Discussion
    Hi everyone. Has anyone had any luck/ tried neurofeedback for their problem? I am looking into it, and would like to hear some experiences from you guys.
  5. Treatment Options
    I would like to share that I had seen some improvements with this treatment. I recommend it with everybody that is experiencing depersonalization AND derealization. It's a miracle for me and it can be for others as well.
  6. Treatment Options
    Hi people, I found a really interesting video! Finally a (sort of) laymans interpretation of a qEEG. This should be watched by anyone remotely interested in trying TMS, neurofeedback or medication. I have had two qEEG's in 2010 and thanks to...
  7. Treatment Options
    Hey everyone. I'm going to start a new experient to help me cure my dp/dr with the Mind Alive Delight Plus device. Starting tomorrow I will use a relaxation (alpha) program daily to see if this works in any way. Since a big part of my dp/dr comes from a combination of ADD and burnout syndrome...
1-7 of 7 Results