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    I have been suffering from the disorder for the past 15 years and am currently considering either TMS or neurofeedback, both treatments requiring a minimum of two-three months and coming with a heavy price tag. In case one fails, I may experiment with the other later on, but I would like my...
  2. Treatment Options
    Hey guys, First post here after reading for a while. Thanks to everyone for the new ideas and information, and continued support of eachother. I though I'd share my experience with Neurofeedback in case it can help someone here. Background: My DP was sudden onset and not directly drug induced...
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    Hi everyone. Has anyone had any luck/ tried neurofeedback for their problem? I am looking into it, and would like to hear some experiences from you guys.
  4. Treatment Options
    I would like to share that I had seen some improvements with this treatment. I recommend it with everybody that is experiencing depersonalization AND derealization. It's a miracle for me and it can be for others as well.
  5. Treatment Options
    Hi people, I found a really interesting video! Finally a (sort of) laymans interpretation of a qEEG. This should be watched by anyone remotely interested in trying TMS, neurofeedback or medication. I have had two qEEG's in 2010 and thanks to...
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    Hey everyone. I'm going to start a new experient to help me cure my dp/dr with the Mind Alive Delight Plus device. Starting tomorrow I will use a relaxation (alpha) program daily to see if this works in any way. Since a big part of my dp/dr comes from a combination of ADD and burnout syndrome...
1-6 of 6 Results