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  1. Depersonalization & Media
    Hey guys, I made this song about DP/DR, and am hoping it might give you guys something to relate to, and be a reminder that you're not alone in this. Hope you guys like it: Here are the lyrics: See through the gold and the bold what's told What's left is a man who doesn't know left Or right...
  2. Discussion
    Hey all, I was going through some of my music folders and came across this song by James Arthur, I'm not entirely sure if it was written directly towards people dealing with mental illnesses, but definitely towards anyone suffering in general, all the best everyone, God Bless. -Matt|Mattakript.
  3. Art & Entertainment
    Hey all, so unfortunately some of us have been hit with arguably the worst symptom that I couldn't even imagine.. Yeah, a "Blank Mind" - For me it's like being zoned out constantly & I find doing basically everything such a "Manual" objective.. it sucks, nothing computes to me no matter how...
  4. Discussion
    Hey Guys, hope all is well! So long story short, due to my condition [DP] for basically this entire year my life kinda just stopped - Really gave up on everything such as hobbies, interest, my "Career" and basically my life in general. With that being said I only just started to work on My...
  5. The Daily Forum
    Kind of weird, I find it quite ironic that I made a song containing lyrics mentioning Mental illness just a few months I was hit with Psychosis & Depersonalization, even more strange that I titled the track "Quite Insane" (Keep in mind this song was originally created approximately July 2016...
  6. Discussion
    I don't get any enjoyment out of music, sex, hobbies, work. I guess that's because I don't feel anything is real. Am I the only one?
  7. Art & Entertainment
    Music is my #1 go to weapon for battling DP/DR/Anxiety/Depression So I was wondering what everyone here likes to listen to. ( I am also on the lookout for new music haha) Here are my favorites that help me :-o 1. My favorite band is Thrice and pretty much any song will put a smile on my face...
  8. Art & Entertainment
    Anyone here a fan of BOC music? If so, what are your top songs?
  9. Discussion
    Hi guys/girls I just wanted to quickly share with you a couple of artists who make their own music. celtic music, anything and all sorts First person is a guy called Adrian Von Ziegler. If you search his name in youtube you'll find his channel. Another channel is called Derek and Brandon...
  10. Discussion
    If you know Trent Reznor, you know he's DP'd as heck. He has addressed this in several of his songs, but in "Not the Actual Events," it becomes clearer than ever before. He describes the feeling in "Dear World," as everyone else being asleep and unaware of the fact that things are getting...
  11. Discussion
    Music for me seems to make me feel alot better, but I usually listen to very loud music to kind of tune out of the world which helps me forget about my DP for a little bit. But, does anyone know if loud music could be making it worse?
  12. The Bright Side
    I have had DP/DR for 2.5 years, and I have been working so hard to recover that I've lost what used to be my life's meaning--helping others through social work. I am a singer in Los Angeles, and I want to organize a benefit for a charity for mental health. I'd like to use people's personal...
  13. Depersonalization & Media
    Anxiety stretches you. Madness confuses you. Depression drains you. Depersonalisation wipes you out. Now you're bleached out and monotone. What art does is give these things colours. Use art.
  14. Discussion
    So there's this weird thing with music that's kinda hard to explain. I don't really get that good feeling when listening to music anymore. I just can't get into it, it's just sound to me. But I can create music in my head, and get so involved in it, it's simply euphoric. I wish I could just make...
  15. Open Forum
    Just wanted to start up a music topic for people to talk about music, music rumours, find out other people's taste and hopefully exchange musical ideas and artists.
  16. Art & Entertainment
    Post songs that take you to a higher place. Songs that bring you back to life. The kind of music that enters right through you, and sends shivers down your spine. What music makes you feel alive again? Few of my picks: One Another - Hammock Hans Zimmer - Time High Hopes - Pink Floyd...
  17. Open Forum
    Hi everyone, Those who remember me will likely know that I've been feeling well for a while now. To those who don't remember me, or who never got the chance to chat with me, I was under this spell for approximately a year to a year and a half. It was an experience that completely changed...
  18. Recovery Stories
    THE most relaxing song you will hear. in the throes of the awful symptoms you are having, decide to shut the world off for 8 minutes. Music has been my therapy, see if it can be yours too.
  19. Discussion
    I felt compelled to make a list of songs I associate with DP/DR. Feel free to post any songs that you associate with DP/DR as well. Here's mine: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb The Doors - People are Strange Nine Inch Nails - Head Down Sidenote: I don't know if this is in the right section or not.
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1-20 of 25 Results