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  1. Discussion
    everyone's talking about 'bandersnatch' (and in my opinion is a bit overrated lol) but i did notice it has dpdr vibes, what do you think? do you know of any other movies with dpdr-ish things in them?
  2. Art & Entertainment
    Recently I watched the new Tarzan film. It was okay, but maybe not as gripping as it looked in the trailer. (They do that don't they, put all the best bits in the trailer!) Also saw 10 Cloverfield Lane. This was gripping and keeps you guessing. John Goodman puts in a great creepy performance.
  3. Depersonalization & Media
    Hey guys. I created a video montage with some scenes relating to dp/dr. I hope you relate with some of the clips and it makes you feel better in the sense that this is a condition that is in the realm of the human experience and that many people have experienced it across different cultures...
  4. Discussion
    Hey I have seen 'Numb' but I was wondering if there were any other movies with DP/DR playing a role in one of the characters. It seems to be a very overlooked disorder. I suppose 'Girl, Interrupted' kind of has that aspect but meh. So! Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks. x
  5. Discussion
    So, I see a lot of post that tell us to stay away from things like the new, depressing TV shows, horror movies, etc. I find this very difficult because I love things like that. I love watching the Walking Dead and the news, I like reading about serial killers. None of these things give me...
1-5 of 5 Results