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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey All, I'll try to keep this short. My derealisation (and sometimes depersonalisation) is a symptom of what has been diagnosed as vestibular migraine. I suffer a range of other symptoms (tinnitus, daily headaches/migraine, vertigo, dizziness, brain fog) but DR is by far the hardest to deal...
  2. Discussion
    I was recently diagnosed with Dp/Dr after 20 years of describing symptoms to countless doctors, neurology work ups, MRIs, cat scans...........and finally, through working with a very skilled therapist, heard the words "depersonalization disorder" for the first time. I started reading about it...
  3. Discussion
    ever feel that migraine with aura? (well for you who might not know migraine with aura... you get this aura for 30-45 mins than extreme headache for 2-5 hours) the aura is on a whole new lever of dp/dr (i think mostly dr), imagine the most dr you ever got, thats like 5% of what the aura in the...
1-3 of 3 Results