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  1. Discussion
    Do you ever experience something of a slide show of random images from your life in your mind? I am not sure it is part of DP, I never encountered such description, but for all that I know it might be. For me it happens from time to time, often in the afternoon or evening. Just like with these...
  2. The Daily Forum
    This horrible feeling, like there is no personality no memories no time. I feel like i was dumped from some darkness into this world..everything look strange, my memories are far, i know some facts about myself but details are impossible to recall.I have no past no future and no present...
  3. Discussion
    Lately I've been obsessing over the passing of time and it it's really fucking up my brain. I think about how the present really only lasts a second before it's just a memory in my brain. I feel like I'm not perceiving time in a linear way anymore and I feel like right now only exists and past...
  4. Discussion
    Hey, I am new to the forum, and I guess I should give a little background before I start. Unfortunately, depersonalization is not something I am also new to. I have struggled with depersonalization (and derealization) for over four years now. I should also note beforehand that I have always...
  5. The Daily Forum
    I know when my depersonalization was really bad I had a hard time with memories... It was like my memory was a memory from a dream and not something that actually happened... Does anybody experience this or know how it feels?
  6. Discussion
    Hi, I'm Gilles, 26 y.o. (today is my birthday), coming from Switzerland, so sorry for the english mistake :) I have been suffering from the following symptoms since June 2015, and I'd like to know whether this sounds familiar to you. It started after 1 month of insomnia and 2 nights of violent...
1-6 of 6 Results