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  1. Discussion
    hey there germans. im a 21 year old norwegian man who moved here from norway two weeks ago. would love to talk to somebody else with dpdr. ive been struggling ever since i smoke weed 4 or 5 years ago. please take contact ive never talked to a fellow person affected by this. i have a car and...
  2. Discussion
    My name is Emily and I’ve had dpdr / HPPD for five years now. I’ve been constantly looking for support groups and have not found any. This month I flew five states away to meet up with someone I met on this forum to talk in person about everything and hang out since we bonded over this sucky...
  3. Managing DPD
    Hi All, There will be a meetup as the thread title suggests, this Saturday 3rd February. The meeting venue will be O'Neills King's Cross on Judd Street, which is located right on the corner. Please meet there at 13:30. It's about a five minute walk from King's Cross St Pancras and around a...
  4. Discussion
    Jeg heter Leo, er 20, bor i Oslo, og har hatt derealization i snart 4 år. jeg er en veldig rolig, laid back og forståelses full person. jeg røyket en joint på en utvekslingstur i amerka når jeg var 17, og har lært mye på veien. jeg har vel brukt denne profilen før men det var over et år...
  5. Managing DPD
    In this title really! Would anybody like to meet up to discuss DP/DR, help each other, motivate and support, and just hang out etc. If anybody is interested, then post in here, and I am sure that we can get something sorted out.
  6. Discussion
    I think it would be win-win to take initiative, be able to converse with and share our experiences on the feeling and actually relate to someone who has experienced the same thing. Speaking with somebody who knows exactly what your talking about and isn't completely puzzled when you begin to...
1-6 of 6 Results