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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, I don't do much and have a lot of free time, and it would be great to have a friend who is available most of the time with whom to share feelings, worries, and to support each other throughout the day. The time is GMT where I live. I'm a 22 year old guy. I'm pretty boring and my...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, everyone. I'm 18 and I recently found out 2 weeks ago that I have been getting symptoms of DpD. When I first felt the symptoms I just thought oh this is just an affect of weed, and I hated it. I quit smoking weed, and I began to realise that even though I wasn't getting high I still felt...
  3. Mental & Physical Health
    Have you ever felt so gloomy/sad/lonely/depressed like no one really cares about how you feel? I used to feel that way, when I suffered from OCD around age 12. I thought that my parents don´t really love me, and when some of them made a joke about for example not giving me a gift for my...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi...I'm new here... I don't really know where to begin because my situation with DP is complicated and I can hardly put it into words. But I guess I'm desperate for any insight at this point... I'm sick of feeling like a puppet on strings. Empty. Detached. Drained. Dull. Surreal. Numb. Alone...
  5. Discussion
    I just feel so alone, even in a large group of people. Especially with loved ones. How do you feel less alone? I feel like shit even when I'm not panicking because of this.
1-5 of 5 Results