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  1. Discussion
    I have a doctors appointment coming up soon. I live in Bangkok, Thailand, I was wondering if anyone else with this disorder lives here too? Please let me know if you do, and if so have you gone to the doctors here ? how'd you explain it to them? I'm afraid that this isn't common in Thailand and...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hey I was just wondering if anyone here is from New England? I've met one friend who has experienced the sensation of depersonalization before. However, I've never met anyone (in person) with depersonalization disorder. I want to see if there is anyone around locally. I myself am from franklin...
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    Local Support Group?Which state are you from?New Jersey215.38%New York323.08%Pennsylvania00.00%Connecticut17.69%Other753.85%Might you be interested in meeting others with DP?Yes753.85%No17.69%Maybe538.46%
1-3 of 3 Results